Monkstar (Newham Generals) Interview

May 26, 2009 at 10:49 PM (Music Artist Interviews) (, , )

Monkstar (Newham Generals) Interview

Former Nasty Crew member and now a signed to Dizzee’s Dirty Stank Label, Monkstar continues to progress in the field of music. How did he get involved in music you may ask? Well, it’s only a matter of time till you get inside the mind of the current Newham Generals member.

Monkstar who has now been spitting for 10 years and producing for around 9, had his first taste of music in his childhood where he grew up listening to a variety of styles of music, jungle being the BIG thing of the moment back then. Examining talented MCs of that time and telling himself that he could do what they did, maybe even better he decided to pick up his pad and pen and got barring.

Since then, he’s been on various tours alongside some of the biggest artists. So where exactly does a man who’s achieved what some people only dream of, see himself in 10 years and who he would like to work with? I was given the answer of ‘‘anyone that’s an interesting character with a bit of intellect.” People such as: JME, Purple, Ruff Squad, Slewdem, BLC, G-Force, Nolay and Troubleshooters. As far as where he see’s himself for him this is all left in the hands of God.

Nowadays everywhere you turn they’ll be a so called ‘MC’ all working towards the one day that they’ll be recognised in the music scene. It’s all becoming more of label and trend, so what sets apart Monkstar from the fakes. ‘I like to take time in what I’m doing, make sure it’s to a certain standard, try to base everything on what’s real and just do it!”

Not only is he an MC but the man draws. As demonstrated by his artistic drawing of a cuddly teddy bear (how cute). The biggest shocker of all he cooks. Yes, ladies the man can cook. He was even nice enough to share his secret recipe with moi on how to make a HIT tune, ”reality, feeling, emotion and originality.”

So, if you’re an up and coming artist you now officially have the special formula [you can thank me later].  Next time I’m sure he’ll share more undercover SHO SHO business. Until then keep locked to for latest info.

Neelam Atique – March ’07

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