Interview With Maniac

May 27, 2009 at 11:40 AM (Music Artist Interviews)

At the tender age of just 17 and busy studying Media, Film, Sociology and Philosophy AND with numerous projects lined up Maniac still manages to stand strong as a major contender in the music scene.

With so much going on, how do you manage to stay on point?
I balance college and music out easily. When I’m not at home, I’m either at college, or doing whatever I’m doing, but college comes first though. It’s not like in last year in school when I would par off my homework to make beats…

Neelam’s thoughts – TUT TUT, NOT GOING TO SCHOOL . KIDS YOU MUST NOT DO THIS… college comes first though” > DO THAT.

How did the name maniac come about then?
Maniac’s like a double name thing. On 1 hand it’s because I was always in my yard making beats, like a beat Maniac, and on the other hand it’s because I do and say mad things some times.

Neelam Quotes Maniac – ” It’s not like in last year in school when I would par off my homework to make beats…” WE KNOW… WE KNOW…YOU SAY MAD THINGS SOMETIMES. GOSH.

How would you describe your style of music?
I only have one…Versatile…My style will never die out or get boring or repetitive because I switch it up so much. There’s only so much times you can rinse out the same formula.

Seeing that you’re studying a range of different subjects at college, if you weren’t doing music what would your ideal career be?
If I weren’t doing music, I would probably be on football…I fell into the trap. Its either road or music that takes young men off football these days, but I can’t say I’m sad still.

At a young age such as 17… do you see this as an advantage or disadvantage?
I see my age as both an advantage and a disadvantage…on one hand people rate me because I’m young, and have talent. On the other hand some people take me less seriously because of my age…it’s just how it is really.

You’ve obviously been in the scene long enough to know who’s really got talent and who hasn’t, are there any producers that you believe are over rated or under rated?
I think there are a lot of overrated producers, but I’m going to keep humble and not say any names. People even say I’m over rated. I think there are also bare under rated producers, like Delerious.

Moving away from individual people and now onto London, East, North, South, West London… which part do you believe has the most talent?
I reckon North has got a lot of good up and coming MC’s, East has got a lot of talent as well as South, West is a bit too quiet still, I’d like to hear more from them.

Look at an even bigger picture; do you think Grime music has potential to do well commercially?
As long as people in Grime make Good music, that’s grime, it can’t really go wrong. With the right business sense I think Grime can do well mainstream wise, though some say its not meant for that. But our music doesn’t have to be watered down to be liked. Thinking of the Hits, like Forward, it was a Club tune, reached No.11 in the charts, so you would think that was a good formula, but then you see it getting banned in clubs and whatnot. Not a good look.

You get a lot of radio airplay, which other methods of media do you use to promote yourself?
To promote my music it’s basically just MySpace and Radio really. Wiley’s Playtime Is Over got bare exposure, and its selling well, and regularly has tunes from the album playing on radio, so it’s a good look.

Any shout outs?
I want to big up all the Wolfpack mandem, Skitz Beatz, Snoopy, Germz, Ruffsqwad and all the people on their grind, however they’re grinding.

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Neelam Atique – June ’07


  1. CLEMENT MARFO said,

    this is what I love to see – real talks! you can certainly gather that Maniac is educated brother.
    he is gnna be next to blow alongside with 2ne – davinche make way lol

    shout out to ruff sqwad -fambly

  2. YUng FReezy said,

    wow…i finally read it and its really interesting u seem to be very gd at wat u do and u seem to be abitious aswell….u know wad it is keep it up shawdy do wat u duz hopefully in tha future ima be able to swurve ur way for a

  3. Emma-Louise Paton said,

    Wooooh Girl!
    U Got Sum Skills Still!
    Keep Doin Ur Fing Hun xxx

  4. Shadez aka Kid Kandi said,

    Twisti u did it again interview is very bigg keep bangin out work u deserve to be up dere wit dem big writers very informative and humour wish you the best

  5. Anonymous said,

    Very interesting 😀 Keep doing ur ting Twisti!! I actually look up to you you know!! 🙂 xxxx

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