Interview With Mr.Slash

May 27, 2009 at 12:04 PM (Music Artist Interviews)




How did the name Mr. Slash come about?
It’s just one of them things that really just stuck from school you know.

Neelam’s Theory – *Cough* SURE *Cough* I think that one day someone really pissed him off [called him a ginger boy who knows…] and he went and slashed them or something but then who am I to guess? I suppose we will never know.

What would you say is the hardest thing about being a producer?
Definitely finding your own style and being accepted for it because anyone can make a beat and make it sound like a Davinche beat, a Maniac beat, or a Rapid beat because even till this day there are people who don’t like my sound so the important thing is getting past that.

Neelam The Wanabee Producer – Trust me, he speaks the truth, just the other day I tried to make a Timbaland beat, but wasn’t accepted for it. So many haters, wishing they could be as WACK as me… go get a life, stop hating. GOSH.

Who would you like to collaborate with outside of the grime scene?
I make music but at the end of the day I’m a grime producer… I don’t really care about people outside the grime scene and working with like Jim Jones or Santana, I’m not really on that but if I could do a tune with anyone, I’d do a grime tune with Mavado.

Do you think it’s important to be humble to gain people’s respect or is the music the only thing that matters?
Most definitely you do need to be humble. I’m a very humble person… I did a DVD yesterday and I was talking about how I like a lot of producer’s music but I don’t like them because their arrogant little sh*ts, they’ll do one thing and think they’re Dr Dre. I’ve got kind of far with my music because of my attitude, I’m always willing to help other people that have helped me and I’m willing to go that further step rather then thinking I’ve done one big tune and now I’m a superstar. I’ve always had loads of people willing to put my music out for me rather then have them think that I’m a pre-Madonna like, ‘Fu*k you Slash… you put out your own mix CD.’ The music helps but the personality and attitude is a big part of it as well.

Neelam Is Stunned – I thought I talked a lot ^ ^ ^ I guess not.

What’s the one thing that your listeners probably don’t know about you?
Probably my background, because I’m half Irish, quarter English and quarter Jamaican and that I work full time at the bookies… that’s what people are most likely not to know.

Is there anything you would like to do in life that you haven’t yet had a chance to?
I’m one of these people that live day by day and I don’t really look at things in a long perspective because I could be here today and gone by tomorrow… but I’d like to travel.

Your working full time, does this mean that you don’t regard being a producer as a real job?
I used to because music was my only main legal source of income but I weren’t thinking of it as a job but more as a hobby. I still do it seriously though, I’m still making money off of it but in grime you shouldn’t make yourself a producer as a job because it doesn’t really pay that well. Just because I’m working full time doesn’t mean that I’m not on the music thing, it just means I haven’t got as much time to do as much music as I would like. I still regard it as my main thing like when people ask me what I do, I don’t say to them I’m a customer services assistant, I say I’m a producer.

I read in an interview that you would like to be a comedian. What would you say is the lamest joke you’ve ever told?
I dont really tell jokes… the reason I’m a funny person is because when I describe stories people laugh, I’m not really one of them people with gags. Hmmm…let me think of a sh*t joke…. This one is really sh*t, one of my friends said it to me, ‘If a horses head is facing North East, where is its tail facing?’

Neelam Who’s Baffled – [Silence]

Mr.Slash – DOWN….… I didn’t get it myself…

Neelam – That joke just gave lame a totally different meaning still, I’m guessing Mr.Slash is not friends with that person anymore. I don’t even understand it, so if you do please explain.

Does being a producer come as a bonus when getting girls?
On MySpace it does slightly. I read in a Maniac Interview on RWD they were asking if they would ever link a girl off MySpace and them lots were like, ‘Nahh… fu*k that.’ But I know for a fact everyone in music has linked at least one girl off MySpace and anyone that says that they haven’t is lying. I’m not going to stand here and lie, I have linked a couple girls off MySpace and maybe if I wasn’t Mr.Slash and instead I was someone like LondonBoy17 maybe they wouldn’t have come met me and do whatever. Producing does kind of help because obviously some of the girls only do things because of who I am. I’m not saying I’m big but because they see a couple of views and tunes and they think, ‘Ah, he knows this person.’ I have to say though a lot of the people wouldn’t be getting girls off MySpace if it wasn’t for who they were.

Neelam’s Confession – Even I’ve linked a couple girls off MySpace [sarcasm], so I know for definite Maniac has… STOP LYING.

I heard you have a bit of a temper, when was the last time you completely lost the plot and why?
[Laughs] My temper is terrible… the last time I lost my temper in all honesty was when I was on my lunch break from work. I was with one girl and she took me out for lunch. I had a big argument with my ex and I was walking round south of London punching, kicking things and shouting in the middle of the street. When I lose my temper I don’t really care who’s around me. The girl literally had to hold me to stop me from hitting things. I was near the church and there was one of them signs that say ‘Open Monday 9am- 11pm’ and I tried to kick one of them over. That was the last time I properly lost my temper since then I haven’t actually done anything like that for a while.

Good Willed Neelam Recommends – Anger Management – Remember Slash this is for your own good. Please don’t hurt me. Here’s the anger management address… I don’t know this woman but BIG UP Linda.

Linda Quirk, Greyfriars Passage, London, EC1A 7BA

Tel Number: 020 7600 1897

What has been your most embarrassing moment?
I don’t really get embarrassed easily that’s the worst thing but it probably has to be when I was in my room with one girl and my mum walked in on me doing something that I wasn’t suppose to be doing. I jumped behind the door and tried to cover myself with something.

Neelam Thinks – He probably used that ‘Open Monday 9am-11pm’ sign that he tried to kick over, I guess it came in handy. WELL DONE SLASH YOU DESERVE A PAT ON THE BACK.

You’re currently in the process of working on two albums, what can we expect from them?
Basically it’s a compilation of my beats both released and unreleased. It’s an album for the people that haven’t heard of me or the people that haven’t had the chance to buy my music. I’d rather give them a medium of buying it other than downloading it because it gives the fans something. Like I’m a fan of a lot of people so I’d rather buy the CDs over downloading it because it’s nice to have a hard copy in your hand so if people feel the same about my music then it’s for them and also it’s for the wider audience.

Neelam Quotes… ”because it’s nice to have a hard copy in your hand.”
So, that he can SLASH people with the HARD copy when he get’s angry. DON’T BE FOOLED PEOPLE… I KNOW THE MANS REAL INTENTIONS. MUHAHA.

For more information on Mr.Slash visit –

Neelam Atique – July 07


  1. LittleMoh said,

    liiiive interview!! keep up da good work twisti!!

  2. Taketwo said,

    Lol some joke moments in dis interview aswel!

  3. Taketwo said,

    iTS GOOD ITS good but but but …
    Twisti Interviews – TAKE2 lolll
    bigg tings a gwannn and u may be the SECOND person to interview the young up and coming starrrrrr eh ehh ehh?

  4. Guess Beats said,

    This is like the 5th ever blog i read and its good, it sounds appealing.

  5. Lazy said,

    interview was big uno, was nuff interesting….
    but 1 thing i dissagree with….

    if i could make a beat for SANTANA…. are u mad i`ll do dat 1 time coz hes cold, plus i feel dipsets music..

    sometimes u gta step outa your own box and aim higher

    real talk

  6. DiCapo said,

    That’s The Real Talk Right There, Man.

    See When You Said…
    ‘If a horses head is facing North East, where is its tail facing?’
    Are You Gunnin’ Out The Guys In South West? lol

    Bless ~!~

  7. Wawei said,

    Half Irish, quarter English and quarter Jamaican<<<—- =O like WOW..!!
    Thats like totally HOT!!
    LOLz =]

  8. Switchey said,

    nice interview hopefully one day u’ll interview me 🙂 lol

  9. Anonymous said,

    gd interview. 🙂

  10. Bouncer said,

    good interview

  11. Clement Marfo said,

    impressive interview! i am certainly intrigued to browse through your others now 😛

  12. Shadez aka Kid Kandi said,

    interview is veryyyyyy biggg seeing in the eyes of producers and artist twisti keep up the good workk xxx

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