Interview With Tor

May 27, 2009 at 11:42 AM (Music Artist Interviews)

How would you describe your style of music?
Passionate, hearty, I live in East London where there’s a lot of grime and hip hop and therefore I am a big fan of that type of music. I’m a child of the times, just today I am working with my boy, DJ Wonder, and doing a dub step tune with him; the music you hear out there – I think I’m kind of a fusion between it but with a hip hop root.

Out of all your achievements which one are you most proud of?
I think probably when I did the 2012 performance in Trafalgar square, I had no idea I’d be performing there so soon and it was my biggest audience. It was also the first time I got stage shock and I’m not the stage fright type of person. What happened was we forgot the record bag in the dressing room so Twin had to run back and get them “wow….What a guy” (HE FORCED ME TO SAY THAT)!! We were live on TV and Capital Radio, the cameras were rolling and I had to talk to the crowd for a bit. It was only about a minute but it seemed like ten! I literally just stood there like, Err… [Laughs]. Once we got started it was all good. I was happy because I was able to do my own thing in front of a billion viewers, I was proud of that.

You’ve performed in many countries, which one do you think shows you the most love and support?
Definitely Berlin and also in Melbourne, they show some mad support. Some people would come to see me at one gig then at another they blew my socks off. They couldn’t even understand me and they were going mad, I was like WHAT!? [Laughs] It’s just crazy.

Is there anything you think that UK rappers have that American rappers haven’t got?
We got our own style I think… at the moment I think it’s still raw whereas America is very much polished. I think we represent a lot of more of what the old school used to be like there’s a lot of passionate kids’ making music even though the mixing is terrible [Laughs] but there’s a lot more creativity.

What do you think is the scenes biggest holdback?
People don’t really support each other, I think there’s a breakdown somewhere from where the music is made and played. There’s a lack of understanding on what it takes, and laziness because we have things like Channel U and people think that if their on them sort of things then that’s all they have to do. Some MC’s just brew at you and start beef for no reason, I got some so called “enemies” and I don’t even know how I got them [Laughs]. I just send love back otherwise it just really drains you out. It’s like if we can’t work side by side how we are going to keep moving?

If you could change anything about the industry what would you change?
Just people supporting each other more from the underground to the radio and press, because it seems like people switch on each other too quickly. People always ask me how I feel about Lady Sovereign and as a person she’s proper safe. I like her more than almost all the female MC’s because she’s very genuine. Saying that, I also think she’s definitely had some favoritism from all the media. I’m not going to lie and say she’s the meanest MC and if I was her I would’ve done the same thing and grabbed that opportunity with both hands, but the press don’t acknowledge what we’ve done and suddenly start putting her on the front covers, my beef is more with people who ignore the people who have been doing it for time and the way people treat you when their on a hype, it’s like why do you have to go out the UK to be shown any respect from the UK?

Back On The Endz is out July 2nd, what does the single talk about?

It’s basically when I went away for them 6 weeks I learnt from a lot of people it was like a whirl wind I worked with P Money, some people from New Zealand, South Africa and all different people around the world and basically when I got back I haven’t been the same since. I’ve become a much more focused artist. I mean I love the UK but making music for other countries was just live. I thought why stay in the pond when there’s a sea out there. When I came back everyone was just phoning me and was like ”Are you back, are you back?” and I was waking up at 5 in the morning and writing bars it was just impulse, I was hyped so this tune is just marking me coming back.

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  1. Taketwo said,

    Tor – best female rapper in the Uk…
    Then Baby Blue

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