Interview With Wretch 32 And Scorcher

May 27, 2009 at 11:55 AM (Music Artist Interviews)

Wretch 32 and Scorcher

Wretch 32 and Scorcher

After having the P.I.S.S taken out of my showerish Leicester accent and being informed on how perfect and wonderful Wretch 32 actually is by the main man himself… I finally hit him up with some questions.

By the way Wretch – I’m levels above that’s blatant, just check MY punctuation



Your first mix tape was entitled ‘Learn From My Mixtape’ is there anything you learnt yourself that made you go any differently with ‘Teachers Training Day?”
Yeah, that being my first mix tape there’s things that you just pick up on the way e.g. recording techniques. I learnt how to overall perfect my actual finished product. ‘Learn From My Mix tape’ was a learning curve for me as well. If you listen to ‘Teacher’s Training Day’ there are intros, choruses etc… so the next one will be even better as I’m just learning and learning.

Out of all the tunes you have made, which is your favourite and why?
I’d say ‘Who Am I’. I think I executed it well and I actually enjoy listening to it as well so it must be my favourite.

Your going to be releasing the next two mix tape installments, when are you looking to drop them and what can we expect?
Right now, I literally just don’t want to over cram everyone. My third mix tape has been finished for a few months now but a few people said to me that you can’t over pollute the streets… so I’m keeping it easy for a hot minute.

Where do you enjoy performing most and why?
Amsterdam. Scorcher and I had great fun over there. It was like amazing, there were shops yeah and they were selling girls in the shop like, ”Come in, come in.”

You won the ‘BBC 1xtra Most Street Heat Award.’

Neelam”s Ear Hurts – Yes, he was loud and proud.

Why do you think your mix tape was chosen over all the others?
I think it came out of no where and people almost expected nothing and it was something. It gave it that type of uppercut OR maybe it was the cheque that I sent them for 4 grand….. [Laughs]

Neelam’s thoughts – I’m quite upset now because he never paid me anything to do this interview… I paid him… but I think I’ll live.

What’s the one thing that really annoys you about the grime scene?
The grime scene [Laughs] to be honest, DJs not turning up to events, that really gets me; MC’s not turning up too but maybe that’s because their busy when the shows are on or maybe some of them just don’t want to turn up. Maybe some people just don’t want to see the scene progress into live instruments.

Neelam Dares To Ask – What about people like ME bootlegging your mix tape?
[Laughs] You know what I don’t actually mind bootleggers, as I first said if you honestly can’t afford my CD and you need to download it… then download it. I’d prefer if people just told me the truth so I know how much I’ve sold.

Neelam, Who’s Shocked – Wow. I think I just got called broke… I can afford the mix tape man I was only joking, you know I bought it  Or did I? I guess we will never know the truth, home boys just cant trust us girls, were scandalous as well.

You were part of MTV Base’s Black History Month, what was that experience like for you?
I’m not going to lie, since growing up in school, being a bad kid comedian and all that I never really got given the chance to get involved with anything so big… It was a touching experience, I felt like I must be doing well to be represented as a person that’s representing black history and I loved that.

Neelam”s Thoughts – I’m still waiting for MTV Base’s British Pakistani History Month SO I can get involved.

Since starting to make music what has been the highlight for you?
Seeing how many people I’ve touched because my music is not exactly hype music… when I see that, it touches me. If it touches you it’s touching me… not exactly physically touching because that would be wrong.

Neelam Says – Yeah… that would be some Amsterdam business.

Nah… you know what we didn’t touch we just looked… I couldn’t understand the price you know it was like one girl for 20 Euros, just didn’t get it… I’m from London we do pounds.

Neelam The Mathematician – 20.00 EUR = 13.4720 GBP… so in other words 2 Wretch Mix tapes = 1 Amsterdam girl.

To what extent would you say grime music influences the youth?

Neelam – I could hear Scorcher in the background answering this one like, ”obviously it influences the youth.” So I thought he might as well join in… so Wretch decides to put his phone on loudspeaker and there you have magic, I get two interviews for the price of one – How lucky am I?

Scorcher – People listen to people like Wiley… and songs like ‘Gangsters’… and they go out and kill everyone, so it’s kind of like you know what I mean.

Neelam The Sheep Agrees – Yes it’s all Wiley’s fault.

Scorcher – [Laughs] Yeah, because he’s like the leader of grime, he should have never made ‘Gangsterz,’ and instead made a tune like, ‘Vote for Labor.’ That would’ve been great man… Nah I’m joking; it has an effect on the kids say if you look at the clothes that some of the grime artists wear… like the Boy Better Know t-shirts, some of us wear Dark and Cold. You get a lot of the kids wearing the clothes also; they catch on to certain things.

Neelam Has Witnessed This All And Talks From Experience – Yeah man, our college has Boy Better Know Tribes stillos.

When writing bars where do your inspirations come from?
Scorcher – I get my inspirations from real life it’s that simple. So, if I’m having a bad day, I write about a bad day. If I’m having a good day I write about…… a bad day. [Laughs]

Wretch 32 – My inspirations come from everyone around me… I feel like were taking steps from making music to becoming entrepreneurs. We started from radio, to making CD’s that are brought in the shops, to holding events, that’s all inspiring to me.

What else do you enjoy doing besides making music?

Wretch – We played football today and we do that every Sunday.

Neelam Is Disappointed – I swear you should be at church!

Wretch – I like listening to music…

Scorcher – I play the piano and also something that I like to do is go-karting.

Wretch to Scorcher – Bruv… you don’t even go kart everyday…

Scorcher – You can’t go kart everyday though because that’s just constant going, you got to stop sometimes. [Laughs]

Wretch – You know what, I like spending time with my son.

Neelam And EVERY Girl In The World – Awww… bless.

Do you think being an MC helps with getting girls?
To be honest no because when I wasn’t spitting I had like 60 girls and now that I am I have like 64. [Laughs] So it only helps IF you let it help… and I don’t do that because I take music deadly serious you know what I’m saying girrrrrl! I love girl power and all that.

Neelam Insists – Really… you should go see the Spice Girls.

Nah… that’s too posh and scary for me…


For more info check out there myspace’s

Wretch 32 –

Scorcher –

Neelam Atique – July ’07


  1. Short Stuff said,

    Wretch – To be honest no because when I wasn’t spitting I had like 60 girls and now that I am I have like 64.


  2. Jr Irie Aka J 2 Bad said,

    Yes babes gwaan keep up the good work, im fully feeling the interview nuff jokes and the way it sounds its like u had them stuttering LOL. Keep up the good work. Nuff Luv. X X X

  3. Guess Beats said,

    Twisti you done it again, this is like the 6th blog I’ve been on lol but the interview was big

  4. Clement Marfo said,

    haha i liked that 1 – u keep jabbing at the jokes Aye
    hold tight u with the 20 euros equals £13 something which is two wretch mixtapes equals 1 amsterdam girl line – that was heavy on my ribs. u gotta warn ppl b4 u drop dem lines lmao

  5. Smurfie Syco said,

    Yeahhh this interviwe is very big!
    You gotta come back and interview the whole label
    Quite alot has changed
    Keep deze interview’s coming i’ve subcribe to your blogs

  6. Musical D said,

    Its BIG, quite entertainin actually, you dun well, you interview me 1 day lol

  7. S-X Stay Fresh said,

    thats big

  8. Jordon said,

    good interview
    keep them comin
    feel free 2 update on my page anytime

  9. Lurlene Dixon said,

    Lol. Yh Thats BIG!

  10. Funmi Gee said,

    hey just chk u out/love your inspiration baby/lots of love to you babes!be blessed baby!

  11. K-Muzik said,

    haha wait till i speak to you properly next loool

  12. Shadez aka Kid Kandi said,


    Shadez aka Kid Kandi the Retro Nerd

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