Interview With Adaggio

May 29, 2009 at 1:07 PM (Music Artist Interviews)

For thy that do not know’ith. Adaggio is a wonderful violin player. So it’s time to GET TO KNOW’ith .

There’s hardly anyone that does what you do, do you think this makes your job harder or easier?
I think it makes it harder in one way because you have to gain everyone’s respect more, because there’s no one else setting the standards. In other aspects though it makes it easier because you’ll always be the first one people come to when they want your element.

Some people would say that being a violinist limits the things that you can do? What’s your opinion?
I don’t think it limits anything because as a violinist you can turn your hand to any genre of music. One minute I can do; rock, hip hop, soul music or even pop. It only limits the sound if anything, it doesn’t limit the style.

How would you describe your style of music?
I’d describe my music as STREET because of what I do through my music. As well as the classical element I also bring through a bit of reggae, R&B, hip hop, grime and wherever else it takes me really.

If any of you are wondering how I would describe my interviews. I’d describe them as KEYBOARD STREET because of what I do through typing. As well as the normal words, I also type street/made up words such as, ‘Foolian.’ < Yes, you may use it. It's a Twisti Original, and I'm damn proud. Together, we can take over the world….. or WordPress.

How did this all start off for you?
It started off in primary school because I was given free violin lessons and then it just carried on. I joined the orchestra in Hackney where they used to do classical music but they’d also do hip hop as well, I kind of got my influence from there. It wasn’t easy, obviously I had people telling me ”Ahh, the violin is soft blah blah.” But I kept at it and it’s paying off.

Unfortunate Child Neelam: VIOLIN LESSONS! Boy, all we ever got given were Recorders, and all you had to do with them is blow… so the lessons were kind of AIR pie STUH-HILL.

Note: Adaggio did say ”blah blah,” more than twice therefore his blah’s have been severely edited due to EXAGERATION and word exploitation. Yes, you guessed right. I don’t know what I’m talking about as always. It’s all POLITICS, I guess.

What projects have you got lined up?
I’ve done strings for quite a lot of artists. For example N Dubz’ new song that’s coming out. There’s also a song called ‘Sleep Tight,” on Kano’s new album where I was one of the violinist. I’m also hopefully going to be appearing on a TV chat show but I can’t say any names just yet.

You finished shooting your first video for ”I’m Through.” How did that go for you and when can we expect to see it?
Well, it should be dropping sometime in October. It’s a song featuring a young female rapper and it’s about being over love. We filmed it in a luxury penthouse apartment so it’s going to be a lot you know. The video’s been directed by a guy called Mo and he’s really really good. So, hopefully the video will get rinsed and do well.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?
Urm… I don’t know you know. I’d probably have to say Amy Winehouse because she’s wicked and wild. She reminds me of myself a little bit minus the drugs.

And minus, the really long hair, and the eyeliner, and the dresses, and the BOOBS, but you know I see the resemblance.

Do you play any other instruments?
Nope, just the violin.

Not a BADMAN on the recorder like me then?

[ Laughs ]

(By the way this isn’t the first time he laughed, I made him laugh so much that he forgot English. POW.)

I did play this bass instrument before but I gave it up when I was 15. It was too BIG and I wanted to be a solo player so there was no point for the bass.

Yes, he did tell me the name of the instrument. Like I said, he forgot English, it sounded like some NEXT word. God knows what he was on about. Maybe he’s turned into a crack head like Amy Winehouse. Maybe I have? It’s debatable.

You were on MTV Base’s About To Blow, how was that experience like for you?
Well, now when I walk down the streets people know my name and ask for pictures with me. So, it’s given me a lot of good exposure and it’s also let people hear my voice as suppose to just my violin all the time so it was good.

Where do your inspirations come from?
I looked up to Vanessa Mae. She’s big because she dug out the classical thing into mainstream so I respect her for that as it’s a very hard thing to do.

If you weren’t involved with music, what would your ideal career be?
I would say a messenger and translator. [ Laughs ]
It was some personal joke dudes. For people that don’t like to read: Adaggio basically envies by job.
For people that don’t mind read: Basically, one of my friends was complimenting Adaggio. I know what a suck up… so I was passing the compliments on and yes now he wants to be me.

What reactions do you usually get from people when they see your talent?
It’s usually a surprised reaction and they’re generally really supportive. Everything’s taken off well for me, so I feel blessed.

Adaggio on MTV Base

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  1. Krimson said,

    Hold tite my boi adaggio doin dis ting!

  2. Birminghams Best Kept Secret said,

    big interviews twis, real talk,

  3. Luther aka Flex said,

    Very interesting interview…
    Keep dem coming!!

    Adaggio The Number 1 Up and Coming Uk Act at the mo
    Watch Out for his Banging New video which showcases his talent
    at its highest degree yet .
    Strive to reach the moon …and if u fail u will surely land on a star..!!

    Keep up da hard work fam
    Nuff Love
    Luther.aka Flex

  4. D.u.g. Drilly said,

    str8 up and down that interview. sl

  5. Raffy said,

    keep up the interviews swr dwn.. dere alot.. hola wen u got more up and ima pass thru 😉

  6. Anonymous said,

    whats going on darlin…

    yeah the interview is big still…

    keep dem up an let as know if you got any new ones init…

    Adaggio’s got talent doe stil im feelin his stil of music… its not easy what he does but he does it good doe still…

  7. Anonymous said,

    zoop zopp, my boi adaggio all day every day, real music, real tallent, real person!


  8. Taketwo said,

    Its alot twisti b , xx
    keeep the exclusive interviews up..
    its a good look

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