Interview With Purple (True Tiger)

May 29, 2009 at 1:59 PM (Music Artist Interviews)



Why the name Purple?
That’s just been my name in the hood from day still, my names Ronnie init so it’s like the little Vimto character Purple – Ronnie.

How did you get involved with True Tiger?
A few years back I got a phone call out of the blue from Stanza and he talked to me about what True Tiger was doing and I then started to roll with them and we began to make music. The first song that we done was called, ‘Real Life’ which didn’t even come out and then the second song that we recorded at the studio was called, ‘My Life,’ and then we just took it from there still.

Is it because of True Tiger that the whole music started off for you, or were you involved with things before?
I was doing a lot of pirate radio station appearances and just going around London and getting my name out. People knew my name from before True Tiger, so I wouldn’t say that it was True Tiger that made me, they came to me and at that time they were doing mainly 4×4 music and then they got involved in the grime scene. I resent the fact that people think that’s what made me, so I want to do a shout out to all the people that have known from day one what’s been going on.

What projects are you currently working on?
Were working on the album which will be released under True Tiger some time next year and I’d love to tell you what it’s going to be called but at the moment I can’t.
I tried to bribe him, I even told him I’d do his homework for a month but he still didn’t give in Interrogation was a complete failure… this man can keep secrets.

What can you tell us about it then, any details?
At the moment all the tunes that have been done have mainly been done by me, but I will be collaborating with NY but to be honest with you I’m not feeling anyone around here to the point that I want to go out my way and collaborate with them, other people may feel like that about me but that’s how it is.

What part of London are you from?
I’m from West London, Acton….W3.
JOOOP JOOP! I don’t know about the postcodes still… coming from Leicester. It all gets too complicated =[ I tend to keep it simple with just North, West, South, East London… but still ACTON all the way, you all are truly SHOWERish. BUH BUH BOW W3 … YEAH I MADE A REMIX.

What would you say is the best and worse part about being involved in music?
Obviously, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the music scene and the main positive points for me has to be writing and performing. I actually feel the writing bit more than the performing but both give a buzz.

Why do you prefer the writing over the performing?
I don’t want to say that my music is more special then others yeah, but what I’m on and what I’m trying to do. I come across with positive stuff and when I’m writing it’s a special time for me. I feel like I’m doing some good work, I find it like meditation. To get the best out of myself I have to be in a good state of mind and then the bars all just come out.
He’s like the grime Ghandi… Power to the PURPLE.

What about the bad part then?
There’s negatives when in comes to the music industry, there the same negatives you find in real life. There’s bare temptations, negativity in a sense it’s like evil. Also, being in the music thing a lot of people that don’t know you judge you, you get me.
YEAH of course I GET CHU. Bruzaaa Bruzaaa. Get Meh.
Bare people hate on you for no reason because they think they know you, but that’s just a part of life.

What’s your view on MC’s clashing in order to get their name out?
Getting big from clashing is just a bio-product. I think you should clash someone if you’ve got to deal with something but I don’t think there’s any point sending for someone, you should only do it if it’s very necessary you get me.

You’ve performed in many different countries, where do you enjoy performing the most and why?
I obviously enjoy performing in England it’s the ends but foreign countries… I did a festival this summer alongside Red Hot Chilli Peppers, called ‘Rosekilde Festival’ in Denmark which was live. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the country more than others but for me that was definitely my best performance to date.

In what department would you say the UK is slacking when it comes to music?
First of all, the organisation and the business side of things, because there are so many artists in the scene but quite a lot of them don’t have the business mind. Also, the levels of the artists aren’t really that high. The artist’s here aren’t bringing a lot of excitement and personality.

Since, being involved in music has your views on anything changed?
I don’t know if it’s down to being involved with music as you grow up you learn new things but I don’t know if I can directly connect it to being involved in the music. I remember before I used to look down on certain people for instance, people that would go out and take pills, drink bare and just get mashed but I can see now that everyone is one unit. I live my people differently and so do they. It’s also made me see money isn’t totally the route to all evil; it can be used in positive ways.

What kind of things do you like to write about?
When I’m living negative, like at the moment I just can’t write. I like to write about interesting things though, anything and everything. It’s all about writing about the timeless things, the imagination and detail. I’m trying to do this for my people; the one’s who are living the same type of life as me.

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