Interview With Spaceboy Fly – Y.Wizz of Combo and Chaingang

May 29, 2009 at 2:07 PM (Music Artist Interviews)

Wizzy Wow

Wizzy Wow

How did the team come together?
Were all from the same area and everyone was spitting or doing something that involved them with music so we thought why not come together and start a team.

What would you say makes your team different from any others out there?
Well… boy our bars are the BEST. Were the main under 21’s out there and everyone in our crew is DIFFERENT. We got people that have bars, people with flow and were the best at it, really and truly.

What’s your view on UK artists making Hip Hop music?
We like that; it shows versatility because you can’t just stick to one type of music you need to expand. You see us lot, were also working on Hip Hop material at the moment it’s not just about garage and grime. Were working on BARE stuff like; funky house so it’s good. It’s good.

What projects are you currently working on?
Right now were just trying to get out there more and cause hype around our name. As soon as the hypes back up they’ll be many more new projects like Mix tapes. Obviously I myself am a producer so I’ll be working on other people’s projects. At the moment, I’m working with a production crew by the name of ‘Young Blazers,’ which consists of 80’s baby and Benny Busy, the first single is going to be called ‘Crazy,’ which should be out very soon along with the mix tape shortly after entitled ‘Welcome To The Future.’

You’re mixtape ”The Links Are Too Strong” had collaborations with Wretch, Scorcher, and many top producers how did that link up come about?
People recognise talent, so when you holla at someone and they think that you’re good then it pretty much just goes from there. You just collaborate, work together and come up with something good.

Where do your inspirations for your bars come from?
I don’t really get any inspirations from anywhere else than besides me. I just really really rate myself. I obviously rate other people as well but in the end I think I’m the best, not trying to diss anyone else but it just me really.
Yeah, it’s good to be confident but always remembering to be humble at the same time.
Yeah of course, its not cockiness but at the end of the day I believe in myself.

Do you think that maybe some of the younger mc’s and producers in the scene are better then the elders?
Yeah definitely, I know a lot of youngers, I know one boy that’s spitting and he’s better than his older brother. There’s bare good people out there. I think Ice kid and Chipmunk are good as well so the youngers are coming up still.

With so many of you in the team, how did you decide on the name?
Were all a big crew innit, with a combination of skills so Combination CAMP, and the chain obviously we don’t like to be classed as youngers but were somewhere there in the scene between the elders and youngers.

Describe your music in a few words.
Bars, flow, versatility, were basically on entertainment.

What other activities are you guys involved with outside of music?
Back in the day we used to take part in helping out at the youth club around my area, so we’ve been doing that.

You obviously know quite a lot of elders in the scene does that help having the experience? What things have you learnt?
Just keep going and never stop, I rate Wretch, to me he’s the best in the scene. He’s just doing his thing and what he did was just continuously keep going, so for that I look up to him.

What would you say is the highs and lows of being in a team?
When you’re on it, the other people in the team might have other things they need to be doing, so that consequently holds everything back. The best thing about a crew though, were all friends so when we go out its absolute jokes.

Many of the tunes on the Mix CD were produced by Wizz, who’s also involved with Magic Fingaz. What’s the latest news on the production crew?
Boy… Magic Fingaz at the moment everyone is doing their individual thing but for people who think I’ve died out just want to say I’m in the lab. When I do come out, I’m gonna be everywhere. As will Magic Fingaz, soon we will be getting back together once we get the time.

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Neelam Atique – Feb ’08


  1. Victoria said,

    hey neelam!
    hows life & music going?

  2. Taketwo said,

    im still awaiting my interview LOL..

    big one though…

    salaams x

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