Some Tunes That Made Me Go OLDSKOOL

June 24, 2009 at 1:49 PM (Song Of The Day)

So, the sun’s shining, blinding our eyes and making us squint…
What’s missing?
Some classic summer tunes to turn up louder and deafen our ears with authentic musical genius from back in the day.

I was going through my iPod and came across some of my personal favourites =]
If you haven’t heard these yet, I’m pretty sure you’ll LOVE them.
If you’re like me and forgot about them, it’s time to resurrect them and remember!

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Enjoy! =]

Neelam Atique – June ’09


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Donae’o – Party Hard [Album Review]

June 16, 2009 at 1:01 AM (Album Reviews)



Funky House music has presented us with a gift from God, Donae’o. Previously having a guest appearance on ‘The Street’s – Fit But You Know It’ alongside Kano, Tinchy Stryder and Lady Sovereign and having released one of the prime selling tracks of 2003 ‘Bounce (My Philosophy).’ Donae’o is now back and responsible for providing club goers with some of the biggest club tracks this year such as, ‘Devil in a Blue Dress, Party Hard and African Warrior,’ all of which are included in his latest album entitled, ‘Party Hard.’ The title is self-explanatory, the album features real party music… summer beats displaying positive and unifying lyrics about life, women and even peace, all with sweet and soulful vocals.

– Great music for a night out, jamming and skanking.
– Some good subjects discussed lyrically in the album, promotes UK talent in a positive light.
– Each track delivers with first-class vocals and instrumentals.
– With phrases such as ‘Zoom, Zoom, Zoom’ and ‘Simmeh Now,’ Donae’o is bound to be memorable.

– Some tracks being over 5 minutes long, may push you into skipping onto the next track.
– Lyrics within a few tunes on the album can sometimes get repetitive.
– Not much diversity within the musical beats, majority are upbeat, with a few exceptions.

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Neelam Atique – June ’09

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