Some Tunes That Made Me Go OLDSKOOL

June 24, 2009 at 1:49 PM (Song Of The Day)

So, the sun’s shining, blinding our eyes and making us squint…
What’s missing?
Some classic summer tunes to turn up louder and deafen our ears with authentic musical genius from back in the day.

I was going through my iPod and came across some of my personal favourites =]
If you haven’t heard these yet, I’m pretty sure you’ll LOVE them.
If you’re like me and forgot about them, it’s time to resurrect them and remember!

Originally by >

Enjoy! =]

Neelam Atique – June ’09



  1. Shannon said,

    Loved every single one! =]

    • Neelam Atique said,

      Thanks Shannon =) Glad you enjoyed the tunessss, keep checking back Ill be posting up many more ;] x

  2. Neelam Atique said,

    Haha yeah for real, they need to make more music like this!

    And definitely, Romeo is wkd =] Cant wait for some new material by Basement Jaxx

  3. Ian Dean said,

    A good tune is a good choon…lol

    Apart from Crush and Inside my love i could play them all back to back

    Romeo is a stunning video

    I’ll stop there as i could go on for ages about how much i love those tunes and could place them in times and places too !

  4. Neelam Atique said,

    Hahahaha aww for you I’ll take out the old skool bit ;] Haha thanks though, glad you liked the choices =] x

  5. Ian Dean said,

    There are a serious amount of tunes on that list. Although i wouldn’t call them old skool…or maybe i’m trying to hide my age

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