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Double S

How did the name Double S come about?
When I started year 7, everyone had a tag name in school and I didn’t even have one. I was thinking ‘’Ahh I need a tag name.’’ Then my mum bought me my first PS2 and my first ever game was called ‘Silent Scope’ but it was a bit too long and a bit too technical so I thought let me try shorten it down, then I saw two S’ so I thought of Double S. After that I was called Silent Scope a.k.a Double S. During that time I kept changing what the S stood for example Small Soldier. Then when I really wanted to do music properly I changed it to Street Sounds.

On your MySpace you claimed there weren’t many artists who know how to write good songs. Who would you say in the scene is making good music?
Right now, mainstream wise I think its Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk and N-Dubz. Most the people are coming from our scene, there are lyricists up there as well init but in the grime scene we got Wretch 32, Ghetto, Scorcher and Marvell as well. So it’s a good look right now. But the way they sometimes portray grime yeah I don’t really like it. It’s like if you’re gonna talk about stabbing and killing and all that yeah, then that’s what anyone that comes over here will see so they won’t really wanna listen to grime. But if you show them that you actually have a talent like you can write metaphors, word play or make concepts up, they’ll think ‘’Ahh that’s actually good, I didn’t know grime did that.’’

You’re currently signed to Alwayz Recordings, what advantages are there to that compared to being an unsigned artist?
Alwayz Recordings really and truly yeah we’re basically still unsigned, it’s not a major label but at the same time with Alwayz Recordings we’ve got like the facilities there, like we got the studio there, we got the money behind us. If you jump into music and you expect to get anywhere without no funding behind you, you’re just running around in circles and you’re not gonna get no where. With Alwayz Recordings it’s actually helped me a lot during my career cause before Alwayz I was actually gonna quit but obviously my manager Baff, he told me he can do this and that and we sat down and structured how we we’re gonna push me as an artist and make myself a brand within a few either years, months or whatever.

What other passions do you have besides making music?
I think its just music really, because music I put all my time and effort into. I ain’t really got time to do other things nowadays, I want too, maybe eventually I’ll find something. I use to do drawings actually, I was a messed up artist before I started doing music properly. No one could chat to me; everyone claimed that they were better than me. Vertex was alright but no one could chat to me, but then after a while when you start putting effort into something else eventually you’ll think to yourself ‘’I ain’t drawn in like 2 months,’’ then it becomes a year and then it just builds on.
He’s agreed to show me some of his drawings if he has any lying around, so well see if anyone can really ‘’chat to him,’’ although I’ve heard he’s quite talkative, something tells me it won’t be too difficult. Facebook chat here I come.

You featured on the soundtrack for Dubplate Drama, is acting on the show something you’d like to do also?

When I was in Secondary School I actually did Drama, so with Drama I think it’s natural with me cause I’m a funny character. Like I can make someone laugh even if I’m not trying too, I’d probably make someone laugh by just being myself init. When I’m acting I just be myself anyway like I don’t really need to put on any so called persona. So that would actually be a thing I wouldn’t mind getting into.
If you’re wondering whether he made me laugh, yes he did. Did he have to try? A little maybe, it’s arguable =P

What was the journey behind the formation of your team Marvell?
With Marvell we started in like ’07 but we weren’t really taking it too serious and obviously these times I was pushing myself as a solo artist. Marvell first started off as five people and then for some priorities started catching up on them so they had to go do their own thing. Like one of them had a baby, the next one had to go university, one of them moved out of London, so it just got left with me and Vertex. I’ve known Shocka since I was like year 9 cause he went to the same school as me, I just knew that he was a good mc init but Vertex didn’t really know him like that too tough and then Vertex heard him and thought he’s good. Also, for some reason cause we’re all from the same area we’ve just got that Tottenham connection if you know what I mean. We then went on Semtex’s show and we spat a couple freestyles, my manager heard a few of Shocka’s material and suggested we try do something together so Vertex and Shocka did a Rap CD cause those times I couldn’t rap init and it all went well so we just tried running with it and dropped 2 other CD’s and that’s how we got the Marvell name going on and then we dropped ‘Marvell FM.’

Marvell has a single coming out called Trainers/Crep Ft JME, is there any other artist you’d like to collaborate with but haven’t had the opportunity yet?
Who I’d like Marvell to work with is N-Dubz, we we’re talking to Dappy and Fazer yesterday at our studio, they were there with Bashy, Chipmunk, I think they were doing a gun and knife type of song init and we we’re just chatting to Fazer and he was just like ‘’Why don’t you guys come down to the studio and we make a beat and if anything we make a tune?’’ So, we’re gonna go up there and chat to Fazer and see what happens.

What was it like performing at BBC’s Big Weekender alongside the likes of Ne-Yo and Dizzee Rascal?
You know what it was yeah; I didn’t even see Dizzee Rascal cause he was on the one the day before me! The day that I went I saw Akon, Ne-Yo, Boy Better Know, Chipmunk so it was a good experience. I went on stage with my crew and we just tore it up. I was scared cause I thought this is my first time, what I’m I gonna do for them. Like we basically had to attract the crowd init, so we basically just talked to them and showed them, ‘’We’re here for you, and we hope you’re hear for us.’’ So we just tried to show them what we’re about. We done a couple songs off our free mix tape ‘Marvell FM,’ and we did ‘Make Noise’ and I did ‘A Milli’ as well.

Besides writing and studio, what other aspects of being in the music industry do you enjoy?
I really like the tours you know, going to places like Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol cause with London most of the people they see you everyday so most people don’t even appreciate you like for who you are or enjoy and respect your music. When you go to places where they don’t see you yeah but they’ve heard your songs yeah and they think that it’s wicked, they respect you a 100%. I went Hyde Park on Sunday; Kanye West was performing there, Tinchy Stryder, N-Dubz, Florida, and Young Jeezy that was the best show that I’ve been to in a long time. I was in the middle of the park yeah when Kanye West was performing; the park was full from beginning to end. I was enjoying that, it went on for like an hour and a half, he didn’t take one sip of water but he still smashed it.

What other projects are you working on?
Well Marvell is working on ‘The World Is Ours’ EP which should be out August / September, I’m not gonna put a date on it cause you know how these things are. ‘Marvell FM Vol.2’ will be out somewhere down the line. That will shock you cause we’re gonna record it in something like 4 days and just release it, we’re not gonna tell you what day or anything. Then there’s the Marvell album and after that I should start working on my own material. I was gonna release my album next year and call it ‘Flow Father’ but then I’ve got so many other new names that I ain’t gonna put a name on it but just know that the CD is nearly rapped and it sounds like madness but I don’t just wanna release a song and then stay quiet for like 4 months, I want everything to be perfect. Then I’ve still got the features that I’m doing as well, and I’m killing the features.

For more info on Double S / Marvell keep locked to:

Neelam Atique – July ‘09



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