Interview With Logan Sama

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Logan Sama

Logan Sama

You currently have your own show on Kiss Radio, how did that come together for you?
Basically I was doing a show on Friday night on Rinse FM; I’ve been doing that for about two and a half years and I put together a free CD which I gave out. It was meant to go in a tape pack but the company never ended up using it so I just pushed it out myself. One of the people on Kiss heard that and really liked the music that was on there and had heard my show on Rinse a couple of times as well and I was asked to come in and record a demo show. Then they asked me to do a couple of cover shows for one of their DJs that had gone away for a couple of weeks and because the response was so good on the cover shows I did, they gave me a slot.

Do you believe there’s still a large audience for grime music?
Well just giving you an idea, in terms of listening figures for Kiss FM, when it comes to specialist radio shows, in the 11pm-1am slot which is when I’m on. There are obviously shows on everyday of the week; I’m only on one day of the week. In that time slot I have the most listened to show out of all the shows in that time slot. On the Kiss FM website, you know people coming and listening to the show on the player during the week, using the listen back feature, I am the fourth most listened to show on the entire station and that includes every show even including the day time shows. My listening figures are constantly over 100,000 people every time they do the radio figures so yeah.

Playing only Grime music, do you think that ever holds you back or limits your opportunities?
Well if I played any old pop music I’d have even more listeners. You can extrapolate that to the tenth degree and you’ll end up with everyone listening to you but yeah I am a DJ because I enjoy Grime music. I am a professional radio presenter because I enjoy Grime music, Kiss gave me a show to do a Grime show, they didn’t give me a show to do a Logan show, and they didn’t give me a show to do a UK Urban show or a British Black music show or anything like that. They got me on to do a Grime show, that’s what I do, no one else on legal radio does that and I think there’s too many DJs out there now that play anything and they don’t really stand for much musically and I think you know what I do is something different and it’s something important.

How do you go about selecting what music to play and what artists to invite onto your show?
Yeah Im on Kiss and Kiss is a very commercial mainstream station and Grime isn’t very commercial mainstream music. So my show is like a bridging point between underground music and a commercial audience. So unless you’re an artist that has done the work already, you’ve already got a fan base, people know who you are its unlikely you’ll be getting played on my show. When I started doing my show I thought it needs to be a tool so people who have come from the Grime scene are able to push on and go into the mainstream so that more names can come through because if you’ve got people like Wiley, Skepta, JME and Ghetto and those type of people who are big names in the Grime scene and they’re just staying very underground and not moving upwards then there’s not gonna be any space for new names to come through. And as you’ve seen Tinchy Stryder is doing really well, Skepta’s starting to be a bit more consistent for himself and Wiley’s had success and these artists are just starting to move through. There’s space being created for new names like P Money. We’re just seeing continuous upward movement; the artists are doing better and making more and more money. I think my show has done what I wanted it to do, which is become a platform for these artists to become more widely known and be more successful.

How important of a role do you believe DJs play in the music industry?
It’s strange these days because the music industry is going through a lot of changes. I think the DJ plays quite an important part but now with YouTube, Facebook, Mix tape and that sort of thing, you can have a tune that’s big and promote yourself. I think though you’ll always need a DJ cus the DJs the guy that gets your tune played on the radio and the clubs. So I think a DJs still important but it’s not like if you’re not getting a DJs support that you have to give up or that sort of thing, you can actually go out now and do your own thing and build yourself up so that the DJs end up supporting you as well.

In your opinion, which artist would you say is representing grime properly and to the fullest?
I can’t really say like only one person is representing Grime properly because there are many different aspects to Grime, so that’s not really something I could answer. Anyone that comes out and is making music and doing well is representing Grime.

Your predictions on who will be the next artist to get signed?
Well Chipmunks just got signed and I think it’s really obvious that he’s gonna get pushed and do well for himself. In terms of underground I think P Moneys got a lot of really good music, he’s making some good songs at the moment and also I wanna see what kind of work these young guys can do like Griminal, Dot Rotten and Ice Kid. When they really put their heads down and actually just start working hard. All three of them are very talented and have a lot of potential but they haven’t got as many releases out as some other people.

Some MCs decide to write about violence and so on in their lyrics. Would you say that’s one major factor why Grime isn’t as big as say Indie or Pop?
Well nope I wouldn’t say it’s one of the biggest factors. Indie or Pop is aimed at a certain demographic. I think its like 1.2% of the population in the country that is black or mixed so I think if you’re making music which is predominantly geared towards you know young black males and 98% of the country is not black then you know it’s not gonna be immediately accessible. Indie music’s made by you know middle class white people and listened to by middle class white people so you know it’s naturally gonna have a bigger volume.

What’s your explanation for why there’s so many more American MCs that are signed compared to the UK?
Hip-Hops been around for 25 years so you know that’s always gonna be an issue. You’re never gonna get as many British developed artists over here cus the music and the scene is so young, over here we’ve had Jungle, Garage, Grime you know then we also had British Hip-Hop, there’s not been a continual history of one thing so it’s broken up. It takes time for people to see results, you know no one was getting signed and now all of a sudden we’ve had four Number 1’s and we’re gonna have a fifth Number 1 from people coming through this scene in one year. Tinchy Stryder’s the biggest selling single’s artist in the country so far 2009. Dizzee Rascals the first black artist to have a Number 1 single on his label I think as well.

Having looked at your track listings the majority of the artists you play are London based, why is that?
The majority of the known artists are London based that’s how it is, you know if you go to any rave in the country they know who Skepta is, if you go to any rave in the country people know who Wiley is, they know who Tinchy is. You know these guys have been doing this thing for like 8 years, they just happen to be the most well known artists. I see London based artists doing bookings up and down across the UK; I don’t see guys from up and down across the UK doing bookings on the same level as that. That’s what it is, personally and I mean I’m on a London station but a lot of people might not even realise I’m not from London. I live in Essex so you know the thing of I’m only supporting London people is air to me. I just play the biggest artists and if everyone’s honest with themselves, the artists that I support on my show are generally the biggest artists. There’s a lot of talent across the country from various different artists and MCs but for whatever different reasons they’re not as well known, they’re not as well organised, as the infrastructure in their area is not there. They’re not putting out music or they’re not getting their music pushed out there as far as they can. Slowly it’s starting to happen because there’s networking going on, I mean you’ll see guys like Shifty and Wrigley working with Wiley. You have guys like Devilman and Vader coming down; it’s all about net working. But then you’ve got other artists that did a bit of networking and for whatever reason, you know life happens and they weren’t able to follow it up. I personally think that Wariko is a very talented MC but I never really heard a great deal out from him in the last two years. As I said before I do a commercial/mainstream show and majority of the known artists are from London you know that’s nothing to do with me or Westwood or anything like that. It’s just how it is; the biggest names are the biggest names.

How do you feel about Westwood playing grime music?
I think it’s brilliant, I think anyone playing Grime music is fucking brilliant. I mean if someone as famous and well known as Westwood gets behind Grime music and gives it a platform on his show, I think that’s great. 1Xtra is lovely and all that stuff but the real important thing for me is that Westwood is playing Grime music on his Radio 1 show and that gets out to loads of people. Radio 1 show has more listeners than mine so Westwood playing Grime is great because firstly when it comes to any type of Rap music in the UK, Tim Westwood is the biggest DJ. Whether that’s rapping on Grime, whether that’s rapping on Hip-Hop, Funky House or whatever. If you’re rapping Westwood is the biggest DJ. If he is really going in and endorsing Grime then that makes Grime look like a big deal and for me that’s a fucking good thing.

Neelam Atique – August ’09


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