Night Avec The Hoosiers

May 29, 2009 at 2:19 PM (Gig Reviews)

It’s been DAYS since I went to see The Hoosiers play live at Leicester University avec ma soeur et mes amis.

It’s about time I started to get over it but when you’re from Leicester it stays with you as no-one that’s talented ever comes here. =[
Yup, its sad… maybe we should have a minute silence?
Starting from, NOW.

[Note: If you manage to read this whole blog during the minute silence let me know and I’ll buy you a lollypop. ;]

Once upon a time on 19th February @ 7pm…
We arrived at the venue having no idea where the ticket box office was…
So, I decided to ask around…?
The first guy said, ”I tink it’s at the front ya’knoh.”
[In an COOL Irish accent – I think he was the manager of one of the supporting bands.]
I should have really given up after him, because it was FREEZING and it turned out the box office was actually at the front.
In conclusion, ALWAYS trust the man with an accent, he’s ALWAYS right.

Once we got in, I managed to swerve my way right to the front of the stage, being small has its advantages, that plus +
A secret, I’m… SUPERwoman, if ONLY I was dressed as one.
I was an incy wincy bit late in finding out that it was a fancy dress gig, so decided to go dressed as a human.

The first support act was, ‘Officer Kicks.’
Being OVER excited I had mistaken them for The Hoosiers, and the fact that their drummer was tiny just like Irwin and had a similar haircut going on.
Anyway they made us do a lot of ‘Oi Oi’ing,’ and were REALLY good.
Although I don’t think their guitarist realised his ARSE was showing through like pretty much most of performance, if your reading this pull your jeans up son, but I guess it makes you even more of a rocker.
You’re a legend; after doing a recent survey I found that:
‘95% of people in Leicester now wanna show their arse off too.’

The second supporting band was, ‘The Script.’
These guys were WICKED, not only was their guitarist EXTREMELY smiley the whole night, bless him… but their vocalist is AMAZING.
Here’s a MUST SEE video I found of theirs, mic check it 1,2,1,2.

After they got off stage, this BIG man came in my way justttttt before The Hoosiers were about to perform.
I was mentally jumping on my sofa screaming, ”I hateee him, I hateee him, I hate himmm.”
[By the way if your reading this Big guy, I’m joking… I love you really, please dont hurt me, I have a family…… hurt them instead?]
I wanted to zidane headbutt him, I think he 6th sensed that and moved to the left.

Whilst, The Hoosiers were performing I realised:
1) Martin has STYLE for days!
2) Alphonso is just SHOWER.
3) Irwin is ZEE BEST.

4) One of the security guards looked like Vin Diesel, he was the right build and everything! I bet he felt like he needed his own protection after all our staring, but it was hard not too, I’m sorry Mr.Bouncer, next time I’ll wear sunglasses so you can’t tell =].

Vin Diesel Lookalike

Vin Diesel Lookalike

Towards the end Irwin [the liar] claimed what he was singing was their last song, so we ran like rabbits to try and hunt them down for a picture…
BUT after some MAGICAL CHANTING for an encore; they came back on stage WOOOOP!!!
So don’t believe what they say, even if they have an accent, only trust the IRISH, that’s the REAL trick to life.
This was the only worst case scenario of the gig because we didn’t even get to meet them and our view turned kind of SHITE towards the end, maybe it’s karma for not being worried about Ray?

I KNOW, unfair or what!?! Sadness was running through me, after a couple more songs eventually EVERYTHING goes dark and FINITO.

The Hoosiers have left the building.

Overall, the night was BOOMbastic, say me fantastic, touch me in my back he says I’m Miss Ro…mantic.

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