Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime – Inception: Film Review

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My Rating: 5/5
Cert: 12A
Runtime: 148 Minutes

From the man that brought you The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Memento; all of which turned out to be cinematic gifts. Christopher Nolan now rewards us with another fragment of his mind; that is the sci-fi action thriller Inception. Taking him more than eight years to write, this film is the most ambitious and innovative idea Hollywood has presented to film lovers since The Matrix.

Do you really want to train your brain? I suggest leaving your Nintendo at home and purchasing a ticket to see what can only be described as an intellectually stimulating masterpiece. Inception has been the most anticipated film of the year and quite rightly so. Accept the hype everyone, this film does not fall short of entertaining.

The backbone of this visually mesmerising motion picture consists of; Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Dileep Rao and Michael Caine. All of whom do not fail in authentically delivering and converting this dream script into a reality for the viewer.

This movie is parallel to the complexity of a nearly impossible to solve puzzle and yet all the pieces fit perfectly together. The narrative keeps you speculating till the very end and forces you to burgle Nolan’s mind whilst he transports us via a voyage full of twist and turns, emotion and drama. He tells the story of Dom Cobb (DiCaprio), a talented thief who specialises in the priceless extraction of ideas buried deep within the subconscious of the mind which are most exposed whilst a subject is dreaming. However, his ability comes with its own price tag; as we later learn Cobb is a fugitive who has lost everything and anything that was once meaningful to him.

Not to worry though as this outstanding facility presents Cobb with a final opportunity to extend a metaphorical road in his life which is presently trapped at a dead end. He is proposed by Saito (Ken Watanabe) to undertake one last job, inception. Saito desires to outrival his most threatening competitor by performing the reverse of stealing an idea; he wishes Cobb to do the outrageous, plant one. The target? Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), a young man with an incredibly powerful business empire who in Saito’s opinion ought to be brought to a halt.

The assignment takes Cobb on a mind blowing journey which drowns in numerous successes as well as setbacks and risks for both him and his team. Does Cobb succeed? You will have to find out for yourself. One thing that is accomplished without a doubt is inception of the observer’s mind. You will be left with an idea that infiltrates deep into the cortex, encouraging you to question the sensation of reality.

I know one thing for sure; Nolan has extracted my mind and heart. In which case, what is in actuality the most resilient parasite? Christopher Nolan’s – Inception.

Neelam Atique – July ’10


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