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Slick Don

Slick Don

You entered the music scene at a very young age, how would you say you’ve improved since then?
I started emceeing when I was 14 so I’ve got a few years experience like going to the raves every week and observing the crowds and things like that have taught me more and it’s made me improve on what I do.

You switched from making Grime music to Baseline. What’s your opinion on the whole ‘grime is dead’ statement?
Grimes not dead at all, you know what it is yeah Grime comes from London so when the Northerners and Midlands try to do it, it’s like the Londoners don’t want to let anyone else is because they created it they wanna keep it to themselves. I jumped on Baseline not for the hype but because I use to listen to Baseline as much as I did to Grime but I started doing Baseline because I felt for it more, just going to the raves it made me want to do it. Listening to the type of tunes that come out of Baseline it inspired me. But yeah Grimes not dead it’s still got its hype, there’s a lot of grime MC’s doing their thing and there are still a lot of Grime fans out there. Every genre has got its own market so nothing can really die if you get what I mean.

For the people that aren’t aware, what does B.O.D.R stand for and who does it consist of?
B.O.D.R. stands for ‘Big on da Roads’ and that consists of myself (Slick Don), Flirta D, Sickmade Man, Asher, Tezz Kid, J-Don and Specks.

How did the link up for B.O.D.R happen?
You know what; the main people in it originally were Asher, Sickmade Man and Tezz Kid. For me how the link up happened I was just on MSN and I thought let me message Tezz Kid. This was like a year or two years ago, I sent him an a cappella which was ‘Jump in the Air’ and he used it on one of his tracks which had me, Asher, Tezz Kid and Crooks. Oh yeah I can’t forget Crooks, he’s locked up at the moment but hold tight him. The track took off and then someday we just linked up and I joined them.

What other sort of music do you enjoy listening to other than Baseline?
Yeah I listen to RnB, Hip Hop occasionally and I also listen to Electro, I’ve caught onto that now. I use to listen to a lot of Grime only but not so anymore, I search it up on You Tube every now and again.

Most of your tracks are aimed towards the club scene. Would you say that the raving scene is the one that is healthiest to be in currently?
Not really, I’d say Electro is a big genre, if anything that would be the biggest market I’d say. It use to be Grime but you know what it is Electro do the festival events and things like that and that’s a big big big market. The rave scene which is Grime, Baseline and Funky House, they’re still big genres but the market for them is much smaller. It’s weird because you see CD’s for compilations for example Ministry of Sound and Sounds of Baseline released and it’s selling over 200,000 copies but you’ll still only see about 5,000 people in a rave.

Is Electro a genre of music you would like to make?
You know what I’m working on it at the moment you know, just as you called me I was writing a track. I’ve just finished it!

When will we be able to hear the track then?
I’m recording it this Monday, so you’ll be hearing it very very soon.

Having turned 18 recently, what’s the best bit about being successful so early on in your life for you?
I like the whole package, I just like making music. I make it cus I’ve got a big big passion for it. The rewards of it would be yeah the girls [Laughs] and things like that but that just comes along with it don’t it? What you put in, you get out.

Are you also studying right now?
Nope, I’m not studying at the moment. I went college last year and I thought it wasn’t for me. My music so far it’s been successful and it seems to be carrying on well. If by any chance it doesn’t work out then I am gonna get back to education and go Uni but I’m not gonna look down that path at the moment. [Laughs]

If you did go back to University, which hopefully won’t have to happen, what career path would you go down?
There isn’t a career path I’d really like to do besides Music, cus I was thinking that a year ago at college and I couldn’t come up with anything. I was gonna go into being an Electrician but that was more my dad’s idea than mine so I never really had a strong feeling about it but I’d probably do Media.

What other projects have you got lined up for the year?
I’m working on a few videos, a video for one of my Baseline tracks. I’m not sure what track it’s gonna be, it’s either gonna be ‘Oh Yes’ or ‘Bum Brownin’ and I’m also working on an Electro tune. Ermm and my album, it’s called ‘Everybody hates Slicks,’ I’m not quite sure when that’s supposed to come out, I’ve finished like half of it but I haven’t managed to get down to the rest. Thing is I’m working on different projects cus I don’t like to work on just one thing.

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