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Is Egypt your real name? If not then how did that persona develop?
[Laughs] I wouldn’t call it a persona; I would say that I think it’s about being an artist. When you are an artist and you believe in what you’re doing you need to have that cut off point like Madonna, like Elton John, like Robbie Williams. Everybody has you know a working life and then everyone has a home life if you see what I mean, with your friends and with your family and I think that you need to know the difference and I think that’s healthy.

The males in the funky scene have come together to make a remix (All Stars – Take It Higher) would you consider writing a tune together with Kyla and Meleka?
Definitely, it’s something that I would consider… I think they’re brilliant artists.

I read that you believe you’re destined to bring back old school music to the new. What do you believe was so special about music from back in the day that recent tunes are lacking?
I think its soul, I think the new music that’s been put out now is like a new age type of sound and I feel that it would be truly amazing if I could bring back the old soul which has a lot of passion in it and I feel that I have that in my voice. So hopefully people will feel like its old school soul music.

Coming from a family consisting of musicians and singers, did you ever picture yourself doing anything other than music?
Yes definitely, loads of things. I’m very creative so I design clothes and I have a collection coming out in January, so that’s very good. Yes loads of different things, I always thought I’d be a Lawyer, I had dreams of being a Lawyer [Laughs].

I heard that your musical inspirations come from your own life experiences and friends. Does that make it easier or difficult for you to song write because Im presuming its all quite personal stuff?
I think it’s easier, I think it makes it more passionate too when you can sing about something that’s actually true which is good.

What inspired your track ‘In the Morning’ then?
The inspiration behind ‘In the Morning’ was actually about God. I think the song people interpret it in the way that they wish too which is brilliant. Different people think it’s about their loved ones or their partner or they’re friends and that’s what I like to do. I like to make music that people like first and foremost and then after that you can just take it as you wish but for me it was about God, like in the morning when I wake up and pray and things like that so yes that’s really where it came from.

Would you say you’re quite a religious person then?

I’m a Christian.

I read that you enjoy exercising and keeping in shape, do you think females are more pressured into having a certain image than males in the industry?
No I don’t, I think that if you believe in what you’re doing then it doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t, and it doesn’t. There’s big people, there’s small people, it really doesn’t matter and I think that if you let what other people think of you determine where you’re going to go in life, how far do you expect to get? You have to believe in yourself and if you want to go to the gym, that’s fine too… I like to go to the gym and do all of those things but you don’t have to, it’s not something that you have to do.

So you started a project at the Digital Arts Centre, what was that about and who was it aimed at?
Basically it was aimed at young children and children that wanted to do Music, and they basically gave facilities to children at that time to come use the production suite, use the microphones and they did sessions and stuff like that so that was a good way to get kids off the street. It was brilliant. I was a protégé for that project and they used me to put out a song called ‘You Know’ and it done quite well you know it got quite a lot of press coverage so that was a really good opportunity.

What other projects are you working on at the moment?
Im currently working on an album, Im working with many different producers and singers and artists as well so there’s going to be nice collaborations on there. Its going to be a mixture of music, you’re gonna have some RnB, some Soul, Dance, Pop, so you know it’s gonna be just a nice mixture of music so that everyone can listen to it and not just one set of people. Hopefully it should turn out really really well; I’ve been recording some amazing stuff.

Which sort of artists have you been working with?
Ooooo that’s the secret, have you seen the new War Child video by Young Soul Rebels? It’s called ‘I Got Soul’?
You know what; I actually haven’t checked that out yet…
If you’re like me and haven’t given the track a listen, here’s the link for the official video featuring the UKs biggest talents including Egypt herself, N-Dubz, Bashy, Pixie Lott, Frankmusik, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk and many more.

Will any of the artists in the video, be collaborating on your album then?
I am collaborating with some talented Artists; everybody’s coming together and supporting each other which is always good.
For sure, a lot of Funky artists are breaking through right now and getting signed so it could very well be the next big scene.
Exactly! That’s what it’s about; I think this type of music enables people to show their true talent. There are so many people that don’t get given the opportunity to show what they’re good at and this type of scene is bringing out a lot of stars. Majority of them are brilliant performers live, there are a lot of good MCs. I just can’t wait to see what happens it’s gonna be really really good. So, are you coming to UK Funky Live on the 27th of September at Wembley Arena?
I’m not unfortunately; it looks like a great line up though! If anyone’s interested in attending the event then check the official website for more info and tickets:

Around what time will the album actually be out?
So the album will be late next year, and Im probably gonna drop two more singles from it and then yeah see how that goes.

Neelam Atique – September ’09


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